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Why Nicaragua?

Top Reasons to Retire to Nicaragua

Natural Beauty  - Nicaragua has one of the best climates with sunshine all year long.  Weather on the Pacific or Caribbean Coast Nicaragua boosts one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the world.   If Culture and historical settings interest you Granada and Leon have a flair that is only to be found in Guatemala throughout Central America yet with a much more stable economy and less crime than Guatemala.   The many lakes and Volcanoes offer picturesque landscapes throughout the country.

Still Affordable - Nicaragua is very popular amongst especially North American and European investors, retirees and people enjoying a cultural rich yet affordable place to live.  With Real Estate prices being still very affordable and holding costs (Real Estate Taxes) being very low compared to North American properties.

High Standard of Living - It is common to have maids and gardeners at a very low cost offering International Buyers a tremendous increase in the standard of living compared to any other developed country in this Hemisphere.

Economic Growth -  The Tourism sector has in continues to grow tremendously with low taxes and low labor cost ensuring Nicaragua to be next eco tourism and retirement hotspot of the Americas.  This trend is evidenced by a steady increase in Foreign Direct Investment in the Private Sector.  The proposed plan to construct a canal in Nicaragua connecting the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean would ensure that Nicaragua has a steady economic growth for at least a decade to come.

Real estate market is about to explodeThe Nicaraguan real estate market seems to have nowhere to go but up. It is an ideal place to enhance your lifestyle in a place where you get more for your money; better properties and more prime locations. Instead of putting your money in a low to interest bank account investing in Nicaraguan real estate can lead to further capital growth with undervalued properties especially those which are ocean front or with ocean views. Land values in these places are protected by the government so they are not likely to decrease in value. It is an opportune time to own property in Nicaragua for both pleasure and business. The rental market is on fire as many expats are headed down and would like to rent for a couple years while they explore this new retirement possibility or while on extended vacations so the properties can pretty much pay for themselves if managed correctly. 

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